Family Support Services

Family Support Services

Child Life Specialists 

Child Life Specialist’s primary role is to normalize the intimidating environment of a medical setting. In the Children’s Village, we have dedicated Child Life Specialists who help make the health care experience a more positive one.

As experts in child development, Child Life Specialists also help prepare patients for medical procedures, such as getting an x-ray or removing a cast, by using developmentally appropriate teaching materials and simulated medical equipment. By minimizing children’s stress, Child Life Specialists promote an optimal response to medical treatment and care.

Education Center

Our Education Center provides opportunities that empower families to manage their child’s diagnosis. Support groups and classes are hosted in our classroom, while private consultation rooms offer a space for one-on-one education sessions with registered dietitians, social workers, certified diabetes and asthma educators, and more.

Family Resource Center

The Family Resource Center provides families with free access to educational materials and community resources, as well as computers, phones and other technical support. Our Family Resource Center is run by staff who have experience supporting families of children with chronic illnesses or special needs. 

Sibling Time Playroom

Families will be able to bring healthy siblings to our Sibling Time Playroom to relax and have fun with other kids while they focus on their child’s health care appointment. For the safety of children and their families during the pandemic, Sibling Time will be closed until we can safely provide this service.